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What is relationship extraction?

Relationships are the grammatical and semantic connections between two entities in a piece of text. Rosette® uses a combination of deep learning and semantic rules to recognize and extract the relationship that connects the entities.


Rosette relationship extraction includes 17 prebuilt targeted extractors. that recognize a pretrained selection of relationship types (such as “acquired by” and “subsidiary of”). These are especially useful in commerce and intelligence applications. With on-premise Rosette deployments, you can create your own targeted extractor to find documents mentioning people, locations, and organizations that share the particular relationships you seek.

Product highlights

  • 17 targeted extractors
  • English only
  • Fast and scalable
  • Industrial-strength support
  • Constantly stress-tested and improved
  • Cloud and on-premise deployments

How It Works


Building on the results of entity extraction and linking, Rosette relationship extraction identifies how different entities are related to each other using a multistep process:

  • Performs deep syntactic parsing of the sentence and identifies dependencies between words
  • Resolves the entities using entity extraction and entity linking for disambiguation
  • Identifies relationships using a deep convolutional neural network
  • Classifies them using patterns that were induced from external sources such as Wikidata

Tech Specs

Availability and platform support

Deployment availability:

Targeted organizational relationships

Founded by Headquartered at Top employee of
Acquired by Provider to Partner of
Collaborator with Subsidiary of Employee of

Targeted personal relationships

Location born at Family member of Sibling of
Married to Parent of Educated at
Resident of Citizen of
/relationships endpoint

  "relationships": [
      "predicate": "Organization Headquarters",
      "predicateId": "ORG-HEADQUARTERS",
      "arg1": "FLIR Systems",
      "arg1Id": "Q5426537",
      "arg2": "Oregon",
      "arg2Id": "Q824"
      "predicate": "Person Employee or Member of",
      "predicateId": "PER-EMPLOYEE-MEMBER-OF",
      "arg1": "Timms",
      "arg2": "FLIR"
      "predicate": "Organization top employees",
      "predicateId": "ORG-TOP-EMPLOYEES",
      "arg1": "FLIR",
      "arg2": "Timms"

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