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The Weaknesses of Unclassified Intelligence

The open source domain has a set of vulnerabilities unique in the intelligence world in terms of both what enemies can misuse and critical pieces that might be absent. Because of the public nature of open source, some experts tend to discount its value, while that same feature means that patient malefactors can put together different sources of data leaking through various measures until they develop a comprehensive, damaging picture. Different technologies are helping to mitigate the dangers as the public and private sectors also work to educate their people on safer practices.

According to a report under copyright by The Center for Security Studies and posted on the Research Institute for European and American Studies website, open source intelligence provides 80 to 95 percent of the information used by the intelligence community. But debate surrounds how to make best use of it. Author Chris Pallaris writes that, “For traditional intelligence agencies, it is unlikely to offer a 100 percent solution to their information needs. Indeed, it is only likely to compound the problems they already face, the greatest of which is information overload.”