NLP toolkit, fintech advances anchor BasisTech presentation at MIT Showcases

BasisTech executives will present at two MIT Startup Showcases. The first will be held in Seoul, South Korea, on Nov. 4. The second is slated for Tokyo on Nov. 8.

The subject of BasisTech’s presentations is “Language Understanding to Mitigate Risk and Unlock Opportunity.” Both presentations will discuss how analytics and artificial intelligence help financial institutions comply with government mandates such as know your customer (KYC) laws.

The Seoul presentation — to be delivered by BasisTech Chief Product Officer Catherine Havasi — will also address the company’s new natural language processing (NLP) toolkit. This toolkit is a set of programs and libraries that enable computers to process and analyze text written in the Korean language. It was developed by BasisTech in partnership with WISEnut, Korea’s largest artificial intelligence and search solution company. Development was funded by a grant from the Korea-Israel Industrial R&D Foundation.

“BasisTech has a long history in Japan and we’re really looking forward to expanding our presence there,” Havasi said. “And, we’re equally excited to launch our new Korean NLP toolkit. We thank the Korea-Israel Industrial R&D Foundation for funding it.”

According to MIT, the showcases will feature talks and exhibits from university-connected companies innovating in the fields of artificial intelligence, energy, the metaverse, life science, quantum computing, robotics, sustainability, renewable energy, and other industries.

About BasisTech

Data analytics and machine learning are critical to verifying identity, understanding customers, anticipating world events, and uncovering crime. BasisTech provides businesses and governments with advanced analytics and AI-powered solutions for deriving insights from multilingual text, connecting data silos, and discovering digital evidence. Our Rosette text analytics platform employs classical machine learning and deep neural nets to extract meaningful information from unstructured data. Autopsy, our digital forensics platform, and Cyber Triage, our incident response tool, serve the needs of law enforcement, national security, and legal technologists. KonaSearch delivers deep search across Salesforce and other data sources.

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