Basis Technology 海外パートナー企業の日本市場進出を後押し

2017年10月、虎ノ門ヒルズで行われたイノベーションリーダーズサミット (ILS) にて、第2回 BIG DATA ANALYTICS TOKYO (BDAT) を開催しました。日本経済新聞社編集委員、関口和一氏の基調講演をはじめ、注目の人工知能・ビッグデータ・サイバーセキュリティ・フィンテック関連のスタートアップ企業の代表者 18名による講演とピッチセッションが行われ、160名以上の方にご参加いただきました。 

本イベントのメインプログラムともいえる、大手企業とベンチャー企業との新規協業を目指した「ILSパワーマッチング」でも、海外スタートアップとして初参加を果たし反響を得ました。 さらに BDATのフォローアップ・セッションとして、弊社パートナー企業 6社を招聘し公開セミナーを開催、各社よりデモおよび様々な事例や応用例のご紹介、講演者と直接お話しいただけるネットワーキングの機会を設けました。

BDAT およびパートナーセミナーにおける講演資料(*一部を除く)を下記ウェブサイトにて公開しておりますので、ぜひご覧ください。 


Basis Technology Rolls Out the Red Carpet To Tokyo for Partner Startups

CAMBRIDGE, MA, Nov. 14th — This October, Basis Technology showcased eighteen startup and partners in Tokyo under our Big Data Analytics Tokyo (BDAT) umbrella. Fifteen speakers hailing from the U.S., UK, and Japan presented and pitched in the BDAT-hosted track of the Innovation Leaders Summit (ILS) at the Toranomon Hills Forum before 160+ attendees.

Partners also participated in three days of speed-dating-style “power matching” meetings in which they connected with large Japanese corporations to discuss partnership or investment. Thomas Forest Farb-Horch, President & Co-Founder of Thrive Bioscience said, “It was an incredibly valuable conference that expanded my knowledge and understanding of the Japanese market and the significant opportunities for customers and collaborations in Japan.”

The morning keynote talks were standing room only with Nikkei Newspaper’s Waichi Sekiguchi discussing how AI will increasingly impact our lives in the future, and Disrupting Japan podcaster Tim Romero sharing his observation on how the Japanese market has evolved.

Bill D. MacMillan of Prattle

Up Close and Personal: Partner Seminars

Following ILS, Basis Technology hosted seminars for six of our partners and startup program members at our Tokyo offices. These sessions were more in-depth and informal, conducive to a deeper dive into ideas and questions with LuminosoPrattle PanjivaSwarm IndustriesSmartlogic and Kona Datasearch.Swarm Industries generated interest in its educational talk about initial coin offerings (ICOs), tokens, and a new way to strengthen the threat intelligence market.

One attendee remarked that this was the third time he had heard Luminoso talk (twice at previous conferences) and this third time at the seminar was the most satisfying as there was time to get all his questions answered, see a live demo, and speak fully with Luminoso CEO & Co-Founder Catherine Havasi.

Download the slides from our Big Data Analytics Tokyo @ILS track & seminars here.

“Our partners are valued members of the Rosette text analytics ecosystem. They aren’t just logos we collect. We work together to make new technologies available to solve problems for businesses around the world,” Partner Program Manager Jeanne Le Garrec said. “With distance and language as barriers, Japan is a tough market to enter without local support. We were excited to create this opportunity for our partners and anticipate future events in Tokyo to bring in yet more startups and partners.“

“Working hand-in-hand with partners and startups, and learning about their technologies was invigorating. We helped them develop messaging for the Japanese market and set up business meetings for them,” Junichi Hasegawa, Basis Technology’s Senior Managing Director in Tokyo said. “Some might ask: Why do we do it? For us, it’s a great way to position ourselves as a thought leader. A company that is well connected to a network of partners who are solving thorny problems better than ever by leveraging AI, big data analytics, and innovative technologies.”

If you wish to look into joining our partner program or being notified about future events and opportunities, please email