Basis US からご挨拶:新エンティティ関連機能をリリース

新たなエンティティ関連の機能 (感情分析、エンティティリンク付け、エンティティ解決)とカテゴリ抽出機能をリリースしました。今年はこれらのプロダクトのフィールドトレーニングキットを提供します。2017年はRosette APIの言語カバレージを拡大し、昨年に引き続きより多くのパートナーとの連携を深めていきます。2017年も前進し続けるエキサイティングな年であることをお約束します。

Happy New Year from BasisTech

January 4, 2017

Looking back on 2016 and forward to 2017


Reflecting on a jam-packed year

2016 has been a busy year at BasisTech with exciting changes in a number of areas.

In response to our customers’ desire for more sophisticated text-based entity analysis, we launched a series of new entity-centric features  designed to enhance a variety of end user applications. These include entity, or aspect based sentiment analysis, which allows users to evaluate the specific sentiment of a particular entity, rather than an entire document, and entity relationship extraction, which identifies relationships between entities in a text. We also introduced entity resolution, which links extracted entities to knowledge bases like WikiData, for single documents, large corpuses, and short texts like social media posts and tweets.

We also launched new topic and category extraction features, and made important performance improvements to our market-leading multilingual fuzzy name matching technologies. These new features complement our renowned morphological text analysis engines, transforming them into a complete text analytics suite that can support a variety of applications: multilingual search to social media analyticse-discovery to fraud analysis, and much more.

Rosette evolves with your needs, ensuring your success and adding value to your investment.

This year we also introduced field training deployment kits, allowing our customers to customize our on-premise products for their own specific domains. Elsewhere in the market, customization requires lengthy and costly custom development with software providers. In contrast, our field training kits allow customers with access to their own training data to build their own custom models. Rosette evolves with your needs, ensuring your success and adding value to your investment.

The Rosette API service is another exciting addition to the BasisTech product suite, offering customers the chance to test and deploy natural language processing capabilities rapidly with no on-premise time investment required.  With a free introductory usage plan and low cost extended tiers, the API gives customers the freedom to test and deploy sophisticated multilingual text analytics without the need for large up-front licensing expenditures. Rosette API can be accessed at

Coming attractions

In 2016 we continued to deepen our collaboration with technical and integration partners around the world. In 2017, we will continue to expand our language coverage for the existing Rosette API stack, while deepening our collaborations with solutions vendors to meet the unstructured data analytics needs of an even wider base of users. We will also be bringing to market a collaboratively developed platform aimed at delivering unstructured and cognitive level analytics to large enterprises using SAP applications.

Our work in the identity analytics field will also be a central focus as we extend our existing deployments in border control to international markets, and further expand our technology offerings to facilitate fuzzy matching across new data attributes. Building on the success of our deployments within the US Government, our fuzzy name matching technologies now support customers in a number of commercial and government markets including border control, cyber threat analytics, anti-money laundering, and compliance.  Looking forward to 2017, we are now working on a number of new applications that promise to deliver even more powerful name matching capabilities to the identity verification market.

If you’re facing challenges in leveraging unstructured data and text of any kind, or have requirements around identity verification, particularly involving international names and personas, we would love to share our expertise with you. 2017 promises to be an exciting year, full of new tools, new partnerships, and new advancements.

In the short term, keep an eye out for our Rosette API 1.5 release this month for a first look at the new features and advancements you can expect over the next 12 months.