Postman でテキスト解析してみよう!

今や数百万人の開発者に利用されている Postmanユーザーに朗報です。Rosetteの全API を1つのcollection として

If you are one of the millions of developers who uses Postman, we have some good news.
You can now run all of the Rosette API endpoints as one collection, and every endpoint comes pre-loaded with sample text.
The folks over at Postman have also created a nifty “Run in Postman” button, here’s the one for the entire Rosette Toolkit:


Postman is an impressive suite of API management tools that allows you to easily test, develop, and document APIs.
The HTTP client also enables API development teams to securely share, sync, and collaborate in the cloud.
Postman is available as both a Google Chrome Packaged App and a Google Chrome in-browser app.


If you’re not 100% familiar with Postman, here’s a quick guide to get you up and running:

How to get Started

Step 1: Use your existing key or get a free API key from

Step 2: Run the Postman collection

The Rosette API examples collection will load in your Postman app and should now be available to you in the left pane.

Making your 1st Call

You’ll first need to put the Key in the header from Step 1  – so head over to the headers section:


Simply paste in your key as shown below:


Now you can go ahead and run the endpoint examples.

Happy posting!

Advanced Settings

You can also set the API key for all the endpoints in one step instead of endpoint by endpoint.

Create a new “environment” in Postman for the Rosette API.

From the “Manage Environments” dialog, add a new environment named Rosette API and set a variable with key API-KEY and the value as your API key.

Choose this Rosette API environment as your environment within Postman.

Now you can use Postman’s Collection Runner to run all the examples.