Webinar: Smart Matching for Screening

May 13, 2020 •  Online, Worldwide

How to Use AI to Tackle Crisis KYC

Capably matching names and other personally identifiable information (PII) is critical to any effective compliance screening system: failure puts reputation, finances, and ethics on the line. Unfortunately, globalization coupled with the economic impact of the pandemic is testing screening systems like never before. As applications pour in, these systems are being asked to process key identity data in a huge variety of languages at unprecedented volumes. If these critical systems can’t keep up, everyone loses. But no one has to. 

In Smart Matching for Screening, AI vet Steve Cohen will provide you with a clear roadmap for enhancing your screening systems with AI and NLP so you can cut false positives, reduce risk, and find bad actors during this crisis. 

You’ll learn how to:

  • Leverage NLP/AI to reduce false positives and improve accuracy in your screening
  • Effectively integrate NLP/AI in even legacy technology 
  • Ensure the NLP/AI enhanced systems are explainable and compliant

You’ll also get to see live demo of NLP/AI tech in action by Basis Technology’s Director of Applied Engineering, Declan Trezise. 

With over two decades of experience working with government agencies and banks around the world on their toughest screening problems, this team will give you the insights you need to confidently handle KYC during this challenging period.

A Q&A session will follow the 40-minute presentation.

May 13, 2020 at 12:00 pm ET 
9:00 am: PT
12:00 pm: ET
5:00 pm: London
7:00 pm: Tel Aviv



Steve Cohen


Basis Technology

Steve co-founded Basis Technology in 1995 and oversees the firm's business operations. With his engineering background, Steve seeks to move the dial on real-world problems by finding achievable waypoints between academic thinking and production-grade technology.

In the mid-90s, Steve recognized a common need among major search engines—Infoseek, Lycos, Google, Yahoo!—and led the company to develop its first text analytics products. With the success of these products, the company started building AI applications for mission-critical operations for national security. Steve is now working to bring the technology developed for the US Intelligence community back to the commercial sector for risk management and opportunity building applications.

Prior to Basis Technology, Steve was an engineering manager for Cognex Corporation in Tokyo and development manager for SMT device inspection. He also consulted on software internationalization engineering and developed software for embedded systems and electronic test equipment. Steve has a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from MIT and studied at Waseda University in Tokyo. He actively mentors startup companies at Mass Challenge and other incubators.

Declan Trezise

Director of Pre-Sales Engineering

Basis Technology

Declan Trezise is the Director of Pre-Sales Engineering for Basis Technology, based out of the UK. He has many years of experience working out the thorniest problems of converting unstructured text into actionable insight, and communicating complex technical solutions to audiences at all levels and walks of life—from international royalty and heads of state to rock stars.

Prior to Basis Technology, he was with Monster.com’s Government Solutions division, where he delivered the UK’s largest job board, Universal Jobmatch for the Department for Work and Pensions. Before that, he was the face of cybersecurity for BAE Systems Applied Intelligence (formerly known as Detica) as the manager and presenter at the prestigious NerveCentre facility.

Declan trained as a theoretical physicist at the University of Exeter and as a graduate, cut his teeth as a developer across a range of technologies in ‘spooky’ applications from network probes for lawful interception to data retention and querying systems for largest telecommunications companies in Europe.