GAN – Putting the “Who” in Government Operations

Dec 04, 2019

Ottawa, Canada

Putting the “Who” in Government Operations
– Intelligence Grade AI for Names & Watch-lists

Wednesday, December 4th, 2019
DMS-4170 (55 Laurier Ave East, 4th floor)

Speaker: Chris Biow, SVP, Global Public Sector, Basis Technology

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In government operations, we are invariably dealing with people. While we sometimes have strong identifiers such as numbers or biometrics, more commonly we deal with our people by their names, at least at first. Yet names can be confusing and ambiguous, varying infinitely across languages, alphabets, cultures, scripts, documents, and automated systems. Whether our function is citizen service or national security, it is essential we know with whom we are dealing with, regardless of these variations. We must associate name variants without falsely confusing people with others of similar names. We’ll give specific examples of how this can be a deadly serious issue: false positives have infringed civil liberties, and a false negative resulted in terrorist mayhem at the Boston Marathon.

Fortunately, Natural Language Processing, including some of the most recent Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques, can reduce these risks. We will explore how name-matching and identity resolution, driven by Machine Learning, provides transparency, showing exactly why names do or do not match. Mission applications will include national health care enrollment, Anti-Money Laundering, and border enforcement of watch-lists and denied-entry orders.