Attivioエンタープライズ検索の採用により、SCOLAの多言語検索は、1つのキーワードで、85テラバイトのデータから 200を超える多様な言語の情報を返すことができます。言語横断的な検索を正確に行うために Rosetteの「言語判別」と「トークン化」が利用されています。

Attivioは Rosetteのさまざまな機能を取り入れ、2007年の設立当初よりエンタープライズ検索とテキスト解析をリードして来ました。2013年からは検索ベースアプリの提供でビッグデータ市場にも進出しています。

Customer spotlight: Attivio

October 14, 2016

Having Rosette under the hood allows Attivio to power multilingual search for nonprofit educational organization

Who doesn’t love to see their hard work put to good use? We were thrilled to see our longstanding customer Attivio in the news for supporting SCOLA, a nonprofit organization devoted to language learning and cultural understanding.

SCOLA implemented Attivio’s enterprise search technology so their subscribers could, with a single keyword, return content in over 200 different languages from a data center of 85 terabytes. In fact, the multilingual capability was one of the reasons they chose Attivio, and we are delighted they did. Attivio has been using many of Rosette’s capabilities to enable their multilingual search since the company’s founding.

We’re honored to discover that our software is now being used within the nonprofit community, enabling cross-cultural connections and understanding.

So just what is SCOLA?

SCOLA’s mission is to help the people of the world learn about each other’s cultures, languages, and ideologies. SCOLA emphasizes the importance and effectiveness of modern information technology as a tool in overcoming barriers to global understanding.

By using Attivio enterprise search with Rosette, SCOLA users can enter a single keyword and find information across all formats, languages, and geographical regions, thus providing teachers and consumers comprehensive search results in mere seconds.

What makes multilingual search so hard?

Search in even just one language can be quite difficult. People want to search the way we speak and get an answer. We want our search engines to understand that when we search for “US President spoke at UN” that we want related terms included in our results as well, ex. “Obama,” “President Obama,” “speaks,” “speaker,” “United Nations,” etc. Simultaneously, we don’t want to see any results about bicycle spokes. These morphological complexities exist in all languages.

To accurately search across languages, you need to first identify the language of the query and potential results in order to apply the correct tools. For languages without whitespace, such as Chinese and Japanese, you then need to accurately tokenize the words. Other languages may include compound word phrases that need to be separated out, such as the German “Lederjacke” meaning leather jacket.

The more languages you want to search across, the more extensive a solution you’ll need. To dive a bit deeper into the complexities of multilingual search, check out this blog post from our CTO.

Focus on Attivio

Founded in 2007, Attivio soon established itself as a leader in enterprise search and text analytics. Many of the Fortune 100 continue to rely on Attivio to quickly find, correlate, and return the most relevant search results to boost knowledge worker productivity. Building on its successful heritage and technology, Attivio began expanding into the Big Data market in 2013 by delivering search-based applications, such as eCommunications Surveillance and Know Your Customer.

Attivio extended its leadership in the Big Data market in 2015 by launching its Semantic Data Catalog, which enables data management professionals to quickly profile and identify all unstructured, semi-structured, and structured data across an enterprise. Attivio’s data catalog provides a foundation for enterprises to accelerate data discovery for BI and data preparation for ETL, deploy data-driven apps built on Hadoop, and rationalize data storage.

BasisTech has been providing morphological analysis and entity extraction capabilities to Attivio in English, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish since the company’s inception. Attivio was also one of the early adopters of Rosette’s entity linking function, which allows users to link extracted entities back to a knowledge base, such as an online encyclopedia or user-hosted database.



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