Big Data Analytica Tokyo 基調講演者紹介

BasisTech は来る2月7-8日に六本木アカデミーヒルズで “Big Data Analytics Tokyo” を開催します。人工知能(AI)、機械学習、テキスト解析が、あらゆる産業、あらゆる国で、どのようにビジネスの方法を変えているかを学ぶ絶好の機会です。イノベーションの最前線を語る基調講演者を紹介します。ぜひご参加ください。

Bridging Minds Between MIT/Boston and Tokyo

December 23, 2016

Keynote speakers announced for Big Data Analytics Tokyo conference

BasisTech is building a bridge between MIT/Boston and Tokyo tech hubs this coming Feb. 7-8, 2017 at Big Data Analytics Tokyo in Tokyo’s Roppongi Academyhills. Business leaders, data scientists, investors, and high-impact startup founders are all eager to learn from each other and connect. How are AI, machine learning, and text analytics changing the way people do business in every industry and every country? Join us to find out.

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Tokyo – Sensoji-ji, Temple in Asakusa, Japan

Keynote speakers bring stories from the front lines of innovation


The Enchanted World of IoT

David Rose is the father of “glanceable technology,” where data is communicated via objects already present in our lives. (Consider an umbrella that glows when it’s going to rain.) This concept is central to the IoT revolution. As founder and CEO of Ditto Labs, Rose uses deep learning networks to automatically discover what people are sharing in social media photos and video. Using these affinity signals, Ditto Labs helps marketers infer who precisely will be interested in which products and services.

Teaching Machines Common Sense

Catherine Havasi, founder and CEO of Luminoso, uses AI to illuminate trends and themes from surveys, reviews, and social media, so businesses discover what their customers or employees care about most—information often impossible to get from guided surveys. Luminoso grew from the Open Mind Common Sense project that Havasi co-founded at the MIT Media Lab, where she is a research scientist.

All Things Machine Learned At Google

Kazunori Sato is an in-demand speaker as the leader of Google’s developer advocacy team for machine learning and data analytics products. As such, he is deeply knowledgeable about TensorFlow (an open source software library for machine intelligence), Vision API (cloud-based image content analysis), and BigQuery (data warehouse for interactive analysis of enormous datasets).

The Secret Sauce for Innovation

Tim Rowe, founder and CEO of the Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC), is at the forefront of change and growth in the contemporary startup environment. CIC is the oldest and best-known incubator in Massachusetts, and the starting point for over 1,400 companies. Tim will speak in Japanese and discuss strategies for spurring innovation to create a richer society.

Big Data Analytics in Japan

Takafumi Kusano is co-founder and representative director of BrainPad, providing services for the implementation of big data analytics and digital marketing. He’ll offer an inside look at the AI and data analytics market in Japan.


  Big Data Analytics Tokyo in a nutshell

  What: Keynote talks and three session tracks followed by an evening networking reception.

  When: 9:30 am-7:00 pm, Feb 7, 2017

  Where: Roppongi Academyhills, Tokyo

  Who should attend:

  • Business leaders – to learn how to use big data, become more competitive, and network with the leading minds and disruptive startups in the data science industry.
  • Engineers, data scientists – to learn about the latest tools & strategies from data science innovators, and see how big data is solving problems in Japan and overseas.
  • Investors – to capture first mover advantage by connecting with startups looking to enter the Japanese market.

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