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Modern enterprise is well-acquainted with the promise of big data to revolutionize our insights and decision making, although it is less well-known that up to 80% of big data is represented by Big Text. Big Text is large quantities of “unstructured” text chunks found in documents, web pages, and databases with all the hallmarks of big data: the three Vs (Volume, Velocity, and Variety). Big Text is also multilingual, covering many languages and scripts, in all of their complexities and challenges.

Because of the intrinsic nature of unstructured text, standard enterprise data solutions have a very limited ability to understand and utilize this treasure trove of information.

Rosette® is a suite of software components for use in enterprise applications. It uses linguistic analysis, statistical modeling, and machine learning to accurately process Big Text, revealing valuable information and actionable data.

Individually, each component is a robust tool for processing language, documents, or names. When combined together, they create powerful solutions that deliver useful information for better decisions and deep value for their users. Our customers across the globe, in government, finance, e-discovery, search, social media, and beyond, depend on Rosette to analyze and transform their Big Text.


  • Simple API
  • High-scale and throughput
  • Industrial-strength support
  • Easy installation
  • Flexible and customizable
  • Java or C++
  • Unix, Linux, Mac, Windows
  • Support for Cloudera, Solr, & Elasticsearch



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Google integrated Basis Technology’s linguistics software to enhance Google’s pan-Chinese search engine. Chinese search is important to Google’s global audience and our goal is to help these users find the information they’re looking for quickly and easily.

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