Efficiently identify and translate people and place names in your documents.

Standardizing named entities for the
Intelligence Community

Subtle discrepancies in the spellings of names within translated documents can lead to recurring flaws and missed opportunities. IC transliteration standards exist to eliminate these discrepancies, but adhering to them is time-consuming and error-prone. Highlight was created by linguistics and text analytics experts at Basis Technology in order to simplify IC-compliant workflow and report generation, greatly reducing the number of name inconsistencies from translator and intelligence analyst reports.

Highlight in Action


Text Analytics


  • Supports 7 languages: Arabic, Dari, Farsi, Korean, Mandarin, Pashto, Russian
  • IC-compliant entity standardization for people and places
  • Record/review edits for quality control and enhanced analytics
  • Word and Excel plug-ins for Microsoft Office 2007, 2010, and 2013
  • Accredited for Top Secret, Secret, and Unclassified Government Systems
  • Certificate of Networthiness




Highlight serves as a force-multiplier for our linguists and analysts, giving them increased speed, accuracy and control over all the names within their documents. This means they are 166% more productive at 1% of the cost.

Nicholas Bemish, Senior Human Language Technology Expert

DIA’s Center for Language, Regional Expertise and Culture


Highlight is a plug-in that is easy to install and works seamlessly within Word. The Highlight menu provides users the ability to quickly annotate, translate, and standardize named entities with a user interface similar to spelling correction. Users can choose to standardize a person’s name one word at a time, such as the Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin example shown here, or select from Highlight‘s entity level suggestions that also add contextual information such as that person’s country or title. For location entities, users can choose outputs based on gazetteer, latitude, longitude, NGA designation code and other attributes.


Highlight also has an Excel plug-in geared towards simplifying and speeding up CELLEX, DOMEX, DOCEX, HUMINT, and SIGINT. After selecting the origin language and entity type of a selected set of names, simply click on the Standardize button to produce an IC-standardized translation in a new column. Similar to its capabilities for text documents, Highlight allows users to automate or interactively process large lists of person and location names inside a spreadsheet.

Identify Named Entities

Highlight Entity Type Highlight quickly finds names and assigns an entity type for each of the names in that document. Selecting a person’s name or a geographic location in a document gives analysts the ability to instantly view the detected language and entity type. Users can also correct an entity type if necessary.

Suggest Name Translations

Highlight Translate Choose the speed and level of standardization that meets your needs by selecting between Highlight‘s automated or interactive options. Both give an intuitive “spelling correction” experience, generating comments that are reviewable by your colleagues. If you’re translating to a separate document, Highlight will automatically insert the translation there.

Conform to Community Naming Standards

Highlight Scheme

The days of manual IC standard-checking are gone. Today, Highlight delivers comprehensive IC standards for linguists and analysts within their document workflow. Highlight also  ensures that foreign names translated into English are consistent, IC-compliant, and available in a number of IC-compatible formats.

Current and Upcoming Releases



Ease integration with computer assisted translation (CAT) systems while retaining the full linguistic power of Highlight.


Import, extend, share, and link to custom entity databases for standardization through the simplicity of an Excel spreadsheet.


Monitor how Highlight is being used across your workgroup. Measure volume, efficiency, and return-on-investment (ROI).


Highlight could be extended to Urdu, Kurdish, Ukrainian or other languages based on the needs and resources of the Intelligence Community.

Highlight is compatible with Microsoft Office on Microsoft Windows, and is available as a client-server installation for workgroups or a standalone installation for individuals. Custom integration services are also available.

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