Basis Technology products streamline the multilingual, unstructured data analysis pipeline for information-driven industries.


Government Intelligence


Text mining for OSINT, DOCEX, DOMEX, HUMINT, and SIGINT missions

Information triage

Watch list monitoring

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Automatically discover names of people , places , and organizations to build connections across millions of unstructured multilingual documents.

Text analytics to identify and enable search in many languages during identification, processing, review, and analysis phases of the electronic discovery reference model (EDRM)

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Financial Compliance


Compliance with AML and KYC regulations using cutting-edge name matching and name scoring technology for names in different languages and scripts

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Multilingual Search

Improve the speed and accuracy of your search application with advanced linguistic analysis.

Rosette’s advanced linguistics enrich information retrieval engines and search-based applications for the web, the enterprise, social networking, social monitoring, and more.

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Social Media Monitoring


Understand and discover trends and opinions in social media in over 40 languages by adding Rosette to social media analysis applications.

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Startup Program

Startup Program

Learn more about our text analytics technology startup program for startup companies!

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