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Next-generation Research and Services for Tough and Unusual Data Recovery Issues

U.S. government agencies have repeatedly employed our team to successfully enable some of their most challenging efforts and investigations in media exploitation and digital forensics. With extensive experience in forensics investigations and software engineering, our team is uniquely qualified to conduct investigations, train examiners, and research hard-to-analyze file types or formats.

Most firms offer services limited to the use of tools only. Basis Technology’s examiners offer a more comprehensive solution by collaborating efficiently with our software engineers. When our examiners encounter problems that are not solved by existing tools, we research the issue and custom build a tool to solve the problem. Our examiners have backgrounds in law enforcement, military, intelligence, and intrusions. Our engineers have backgrounds in designing forensics tools, operating systems, distributed systems, and file formats. This combination makes us especially qualified for research and providing high-end training and analysis services.

Areas of Expertise

  • Computer and cell phone forensics: Our examiners are trained to use industry standard tools and custom tools that enable them to find evidence on hard drives and mobile devices.
  • Reverse engineering of file formats and hardware: Our engineers have extensive experience reverse engineering data and systems. We have reverse engineered file systems, binary files, and physical dumps from mobile devices that were acquired with chip off and JTAG. We reverse engineer the formats and also build parsers to extract all of the evidence.
  • File system analysis: Our engineers and examiners have an in-depth knowledge of file systems, can help build parsers for new file systems, and perform in-depth analysis of known file systems.
  • Custom development: Our engineers are able to build custom systems ranging from distributed systems that analyze hard drives on a cluster of computers or graphical interface desktop applications.

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